DWMC-16: GitLab Repo and Open Hardware & Software – Deprecated

GitLab Repo

Just in case anyone is interested in my development of the DWMC-16 minicomputer, i have decided to push it all into a GitLab repository for ease of downloading.

It will contain all hardware developed for the project, as well as any of the software. And on top of it, it will contain any development files that I write for the Digital logic designer/simulator program.

The schematics and PCB designs of the hardware are created with KiCAD.

Open Source Hardware & Software Licenses

I feel I need to add at least some licenses for both the hardware and the software, as to protect my work at least a little bit.

Okay, I do not expect anyone to steal my work, build it in large numbers, and then sell it. But if anyone makes a DWMC-16 or uses it as a jumpoff point for their own project, it would be nice if people recognised my work.

As such, for the hardware, I decided to use the CERN Open Hardware Licence Version 2 – Permissive CERN-OHL-P-2.0+, one of just a hand full of open source hardware licenses. I feel it’s a bit more open and thought through than any of the few others out there. I don’t think a software license would work well for hardware.

Speaking of software, I have gone with the European Union Public License, version 1.2 EUPL-1.2+. Originally meant for software developed for the EU or by EU bodies, the number of languages it is available as, and me being German and seeing the EU as a good thing, should explain a bit. That it is an official license created by an actual governing body gives it a bit more legal power than most other Open Source Licenses.

Both licenses are approved by the Open Source Initiative.

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