DWMC-16: A New Hope

Sometimes, sometimes, it is better to just admit to yourself that you don’t really have much of an idea what you are doing and bin the work you have already done and start fresh. No more throwing good ideas after bad ones.

And this is the point for me.

Until now, most of the stuff that I’ve done with the ‘design work’ of the DWMC-16 was me fucking around with random ideas that just popped up, helped along by a light case of attention deficit.

Me fucking around with ideas and more or less refining them did however allow me to refine those ideas over the past few months.

So, I am pulling the plug on the original ‘design work’ of the DWMC-16 and placing everything into the ‘Deprecated’ Folder. From the simple design of the ALU, the schematics for registers, to the Instruction Set and the initial designs for the support software, like the Simulator and the Assembler.

But I will begin anew. This time by sitting down and actually thinking about what I want. Then go top down in a design document, documenting my ideas and what I want to do. First will be a new set of requirements, restrictions, capabilities and nice-to-haves, before working on a general design and block diagram and only then getting a bit deeper.

This also is the end of this tag, with the DWMC-16 MK2 getting a new tag.

Keep tuned in for the next post and the new requirements and design goals.

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