DWMC-16: A Change of Mind – Deprecated

But not a change of heart.

As I am working on The Emulator and thinking back to my initial design for the Basic Register Module, I have come to a realization.

I do not want to solder hundreds of transistors, resistors and diodes… At least not initially.

So, I have decided to cut down on another initial requirement for the design of the DWMC-16. I am going to drop the ‘almost fully discrete’ requirement. Instead I will now be designing the system with 74 series TTL logic in mind.

Not only will that make my life easier in the mid to long term, but it will also make things easier for anyone else who wishes to build their own DWMC-16.

If I get a working system out of it in the end, I can still take that system and turn it into an ‘almost fully discrete’ system in the end and test the different modules in an already working system.

It’s also likely to be cheaper to use the 74 series ICs than having to buy thousands of BC54x transistors and other components.

I think I should have been a tad more realistic from the start about this…

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